Troubleshooting: Cannot Edit Excel Files from SmartVault Drive

Sometimes, Excel may turn off editing for files downloaded from SmartVault Drive. While often due to the Protected Mode, several factors might cause this issue. This guide will help you address the most common causes.


General Troubleshooting

  1. Ensure the Excel file is not open in any other location.
  2. Check that you have the appropriate permissions to edit the file.
  3. Verify that your file isn't corrupted.
  4. Ensure your Excel software is updated.

Turning off Protected View

SmartVault Drive downloads Excel files in Protected Mode because they are "Files originating from the Internet." Excel prompts this setting to safeguard your data from potential threats.


Please proceed with caution. Turning off the protected view can expose your computer to potential risks.

Steps for Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365

  1. Go to File > Options.
  2. Select Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View.
  3. Clear the box for Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet.
Here's an animated guide illustrating the steps visually. If it appears too small, simply click the Expand icon KB - Expand icon.png in the bottom right corner to enlarge it. 
Turning Off Protected View.gif

Alternative Solutions


After implementing these solutions, try to open and edit the Excel file from SmartVault Drive. If you still face issues, please provide feedback for continuous improvement.

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