Troubleshooting: Slow Document Scanning and Large File Size

In some cases, scanning to SmartVault is much slower than scanning directly to a computer. In addition, file sizes for scanned documents are too large. These issues occur because the default scanning settings for most TWAIN-compatible scanners are configured to a higher document resolution (DPI).

  Note on Maximum File Upload

The maximum upload file size limit is 2 GB. Please review all SmartVault system requirements and limitations for additional details.

How to Improve Document Scanning Speed and Reduce File Size 

Change the Resolution DPI to 100 in the User Settings window to improve the scanning speed.

  1. Log into the SmartVault Launchpad.
  2. Click SmartVault User Settings.
  3. Click the Scanners tab, and then select your default scanner.
  4. Change the Resolution setting to 100 dpi, and then click OK.
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