Adding Knowledge-Based Authentications (KBAs) to Documents in DocuSign

Knowledge-Based Authentications (KBAs) provide an extra layer of security to your e-signature transactions. You can add KBAs to a DocuSign Envelope through the SmartVault Connected Desktop.


Before you begin, you'll need to integrate your DocuSign account with SmartVault.

Please take a look at our guides on integrating an existing DocuSign account with SmartVault or creating a new one via SmartVault.

If you need help with a specific DocuSign feature, you can visit DocuSign Support.

The following video walks you through adding KBAs to a document in DocuSign.

Adding KBAs to Documents

  1. Launch the SmartVault Connected Desktop and locate the PDF, Word, or Text document you'd like to get signed.
  2. Click on the desired document to select it. Click Get Signature on the Document View Toolbar or right-click on the document and select Get Signature from the context menu.
    CD - Add KBA Get Signature.png
  3. Sign in to your SmartVault or DocuSign account when prompted.
  4. DocuSign will open in a new web browser window.
  5. In DocuSign, click the recipient name on the top left and select Edit Recipients.
    DS - Add KBA Edit recipient.png
  6. Click Customize next to the recipient's name whose identity needs to be verified and select Add access code.
    DS - Customize Add access code.png
  7. Under Select access authentication, select Knowledge Based on the menu, and click Done.
  8. (Optional) On the document screen, add the required signing field(s). You can visit DocuSign Support for a guide to adding fields to a document.
  9. Click Send to email the request to the recipient. Once the recipient clicks on the link to sign, it takes them to a screen like this:

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