Clearing the Connected Desktop Cache

Connected Desktop creates a local folder (cache) on your computer to save your files. The cache helps load your files faster when you need them. However, you may need to clear this cache on your computer when you have issues with the Connected Desktop.

Clearing Your Connected Desktop Cache

To remove files from your computer in the SmartVault cache:


You lose any unsaved changes in your files when you delete the cache. Always save and close your files before clearing the cache.

  1. Save and close any open files.
  2. Exit SmartVault Connected Desktop.
    • Click Show Hidden Icons in the Windows Taskbar. Right-click on SmartVault and select Exit.

      Image exiting Smart Vault connected desktop in the Windows taskbar. See information above

  3. Open Windows File Explorer, enter %AppData% in the Address bar, then press Enter.

    Screen with Windows File explorer open. See information above

  4. Go to SmartVault>Cache, select everything in the folder, then delete the files.
  5. Open the Connected Desktop again to ensure it's working correctly.
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