Backing Up Your SmartVault Account

Protect your data by backing up your SmartVault account. This action ensures you have a safe copy of your files.

To create and export a backup of your SmartVault account files:

  1. Begin the Backup Process:
    • In the Connected Desktop, go to File > Export data.
  2. Choose Data to Export:
    • In the Export Data window, select Include all [number] clients.
      Note: By default, selecting a client in the Client List pane will export their records. 
  3. Select Storage Location:
    • Click Browse to choose a location on your computer for your exported files and folders.
    • Once you've selected the location, click OK and then Next.
  4. Complete the Export:
    • A confirmation message will appear once the export is complete.
  5. Exit and Verify:
    • Click Exit.
    • Check the chosen folder to ensure all your exported files are present.

  Troubleshooting Tip

If you encounter any issues during the export process, please ensure that your SmartVault is up-to-date. If problems persist, contact SmartVault customer support for assistance.

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