Understanding Guests

In SmartVault, guests are individuals outside your business with whom you want to share documents securely. You can invite unlimited guests to your SmartVault account at no extra cost across all plans.

Guests can access files through the SmartVault portal, inbox, and mobile apps, facilitating easy document sharing and collaboration.

Choosing Between Guests and Clients for Tax Clients

If you are working with tax clients, deciding whether to invite them as guests or clients depends on the level of access and functionality they require:

  • Guests are ideal for sharing documents without needing access to more advanced SmartVault features.
  • Clients are better suited for those needing deeper integration with accounting applications, such as using the SmartVault Toolbar and Mapped Drive, in addition to all functionalities available for guests.

Explore the differences between Users, Guests, and Clients, including a detailed chart of actions and tool access within SmartVault.

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