Uploading Files to SmartVault Using the Connected Desktop


If you are a user or guest, you can upload files to SmartVault via the Connected Desktop on your computer.  

Uploading Files as a User

  1. Open the Connected Desktop.


    Find out more about using the Connected Desktop

  2. Select the folder in a client vault in the Document View pane to where you want to upload the file(s).
    Note: If you upload a file without a folder selected, the file will be uploaded to the client vault outside of any folders. Since clients only have access to certain folders, any files stored outside of these folders will not be visible to your clients.
  3. Click Upload in the Document View toolbar.
  4. Browse to and select the file(s) to upload.  


    To select multiple files, use the CTRL-key.

  5. Click Open. The file(s) are uploaded to SmartVault. 

Uploading Files as a Guest

If you are a guest who was invited to SmartVault, you can use this guide to learn how to upload files.

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