Uploading Files to SmartVault with the Connected Desktop

As a user or guest, uploading files to SmartVault is essential for managing your documents and making them accessible to your clients. In SmartVault, you can upload files using the Connected Desktop, making managing your documents simple and convenient.

Uploading Files as a User

  1. Open the Connected Desktop.


    You can use this guide to get familiar with the Connected Desktop.

  2. Navigate to the client vault folder in the Document View pane where you want to upload the file(s).


    Uploading a file without selecting a folder will place it outside any folder and may make it inaccessible to your clients.

  3. With the appropriate folder selected, click the Upload button in the Document View toolbar.
  4. Browse and select the file(s) you wish to upload. To select multiple files, use the CTRL key.
  5. Click Open to upload the selected file(s) to SmartVault. The files will now be available in the selected folder in your client vault. 

Uploading Files as a Guest

If you are a guest who was invited to SmartVault, you can upload your files via the Online Portal.

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