Sending Links to Files Using the Outlook Plug-in


Before you can use the Outlook plug-in, you must install it. For more information, see Installing the Outlook Plug-in.

For tax and accounting plans, you must have granted access to the vault, folder, or file before the recipients to which you send these links can view the location in your SmartVault account. For more information about sharing vaults or folders, see Sharing SmartVault Folders

For business plans, including Reckon Business and Partners Plans, you can invite clients right from the plug-in.

Sending Links to Files

To send links to files using the Outlook plug-in:

1. Sign into SmartVault on your desktop.
2. Open Outlook and click New Email.
3. Enter the email addresses for the intended recipient(s).
4. Click the Send Link menu.

5. Select Send Message with Link to include a message with the link, or select Insert Link to only include the link.

6. Navigate to the vault, folder, or file to send and click OK.

7. Finish composing your email and click Send.