Installing the Outlook Plug-in for SmartVault


The SmartVault Outlook plug-in makes it easy for Outlook users to securely share and manage files. Outlook also helps you stay in compliance with state and federal laws dealing with email data security. 

Find out how to save an email using the Outlook Plug-In. and how to send links to files using the Plug-In

Note: The Outlook plug-in is not available for Mac users.  

Installing the Outlook Plug-In

Note: If you are reinstalling the plug-in, ensure that you first uninstall the current version.  

1. Download the installation file.
2. Ensure that Microsoft Outlook is closed.
3. Run the setup.exe file.
4. If a security warning appears, click Run.
5. Click Accept

6. Once the progress bar is complete, click Close.
7. From Outlook, open a new email and click the down arrow under the Send Link icon.

8. Click Setup and enter your SmartVault email address.
9. Click Get Pin. The SmartVault Client portal displays. You may need to log in.
10. Click Allow.
11. Copy the PIN number and paste it into the field in the User ID Setup window.

12. Click OK.