Streamlining Your Work with Drag and Drop in SmartVault's Connected Desktop

The SmartVault Connected Desktop makes your file management smoother and quicker. Whether moving documents from your PC to SmartVault or vice versa, drag-and-drop functionality streamlines the process.

  • Remember, dragging a document to the Connected Desktop uploads it without removing it from its original location on your computer.
  • When you drag a document from SmartVault to your PC, it's just a copy—the original stays safely in SmartVault. If you want to clean up and remove documents from one location, you'll need to do so manually.
  • Need help deleting files? Our guide on Using the Recycle Bin to Delete or Restore Files and Folders covers it.

Uploading Made Simple

To upload a document from your computer to SmartVault:

  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. On your computer, find the document you want to upload to SmartVault.
  3. Drag it right into any location on your Connected Desktop. You will see it appear exactly where you want it.


    As you are dragging the file, the green arrow indicates where the file will land in SmartVault.

Downloading with Ease

To download a document from SmartVault to your computer:

  1. Open the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  2. Locate the document you want to download in the Connected Desktop.
  3. Drag the file from the Connected Desktop to any location on your computer.  
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