Uploading Files as a Guest User


As a Guest User, you can upload files to the SmartVault folder(s) to which you have access.


In the example below, we are uploading a [2020 W-2 form] requested by your accountant into the Client Source Documents folder.

Upload Files

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Enter your email address and password you used to activate your guest account.
  3. Click Sign In.



    If you have forgotten your password, click Can't sign in?

  4. Select File Exchange. You will see only the folders where you can upload files.File_exchange.png
  5. Click the folder where you would like to upload your files.
  6. Click Upload file to open the Upload file here window.
  7. Click Upload a file to browse for the file or drag and drop it into the window.Upload_a_file_.png
  8. Click Upload file
  9. Once all files have been uploaded, click Save file. A confirmation message appears. 
  10. Click the x to close the message.


Your accountant will automatically receive a notification whenever you upload files to your folder, so you don't have to let them know.