DocuSign Subscription FAQs

Is DocuSign available for all SmartVault plans?
DocuSign is available for customers on all SmartVault annual plans except the Standard. If you are on a monthly plan, you can upgrade to a yearly plan on your Billing page or contact our Support Team to assist. Use of DocuSign is not available on Standard plans. 
Is there an additional cost to enable the DocuSign subscription?
Yes. The DocuSign Subscription add-on is an additional cost per user per month billed annually. Customers on an annual plan will be charged a pro-rated amount based on how many months are left on their contract. Please contact our Support Team for pricing information. 
How many DocuSign eSignatures can I send with the subscription billing?
SmartVault includes an allowance of up to 100 sent envelopes per user/per year. So, if you have 5 SmartVault users in your account, the combined annual allowance would be 500 envelopes. This usage is consistent with DocuSign’s published usage across the DocuSign user base and is sufficient for most businesses. Following SmartVault’s Reasonable Use Policy, if you exceed the annual envelope allowance pool on your account, SmartVault will not prevent your users from sending envelopes for eSignature.
Will I get charged extra if I exceed the envelope allowance?
You will not be charged overage fees for exceeding the Reasonable Use Policy, nor will your users be prevented from sending envelopes. Per SmartVault’s terms of service, you will be notified of any adjustments to your SmartVault plan pricing 30-days before your plan renewal.
What are the advantages of subscription billing over pay-as-you-go billing?
Subscription billing removes the need to purchase and manage envelope inventory and monitor envelope usage. Once you enable subscription billing, all SmartVault users on your account can route documents for eSignature without the burden of managing inventory. Subscription billing gives you maximum flexibility to incorporate eSignature into all of your document signing workflows.

Are Knowledge-Base Authentication (KBAs) included with subscription billing?

No. DocuSign subscription billing does not include KBAs. To use KBA envelopes, you must purchase them separately by going to the Billing page. You can learn how to purchase KBAs by visiting Purchasing More DocuSign Envelopes and KBAs.
Does SmartVault offer any way to track the use of envelopes?
Yes. You can view the usage data of DocuSign related to your account on the newly created Usage Statistics page. You can learn how to navigate to this page by referencing Tracking DocuSign Usage Data.
Will I get a refund if I disable DocuSign on my account?
No refunds will be issued for downgrades or removing the DocuSign subscription during your current annual billing cycle. If you disable DocuSign, your billing page will reflect your new price at renewal. Please reference our Refund Policy for further details on downgrades and refunds. If you purchase DocuSign on the pay-as-you-go billing, you own this inventory of envelopes. No refunds will be given on envelope inventory you do not use.
I am on the DocuSign pay-as-you-go plan; can I switch to the subscription billing?
Yes. To enable DocuSign subscription billing, you need to be on annual billing, and you need to be an Account Administrator. Navigate to the Settings page, select Billing, ensure your account is on an annual plan, and tick the "Enable DocuSign as a Subscription" checkbox. When you enable the DocuSign subscription, SmartVault automatically makes it available to all users on the account. You can enable DocuSign at any time during your billing term. Fees will be calculated on a pro-rate basis.
I am on the pay-as-you-go plan and have envelopes I have not used; can these be refunded if I switch to subscription billing?
Envelope inventory cannot be refunded. However, you can still upgrade your account to subscription billing and keep your inventory if you choose to. You can monitor usage on our Usage Statistics page. You can learn how to navigate to the Usage Statistics page by referencing Tracking DocuSign Usage Data.
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