SmartVault Service Offerings - US

Explore our Onboarding, Training, and Data Migration service offerings for starting your SmartVault journey.


Self-Service Onboarding

For all users on any plan. Both options will guide clients through how-to setup and use your
SmartVault account, along with a few best practices.

Option 1

SmartVault Fundamentals Webinar

  • Weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 pm CT
  • Led by a Customer Success Manager


Option 2

SmartVault Academy

  • Self-paced learning platform                          



Assisted Onboarding

Transition to SmartVault in 30 days with a dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager.

What's included?

    • Up to 3 Onboarding Sessions for Admin users to review how to setup and use the
      SmartVault account to accomplish their goals and desired outcomes related to
    • Custom SmartVault Academy Course provided only for Assisted Onboarding
    • The Onboarding Manager will provide best practices for workflow, setup, and
      integrations (as needed).


For businesses with 1-4 users



For businesses with 5-9 users




For businesses with 10+ users                            


Custom Training

For businesses with 25+ users and/or unique training requirements


Note: We offer staff training at an additional cost.

Right Networks



Additional Training

Do you have multiple staff members? This Personalized training will teach your employees SmartVault essentials and your specific document management workflow within SmartVault.


Staff training for businesses with 5-9 users



Staff training for businesses with 10+ users



Right Networks Team Training




    • For all current SmartVault customers
    • Need a refresher course but not full training? Connect with a Customer Success team member to scope client needs, pricing, and next steps.

Topics for SmartHours

    • DocuSign
    • Docdown
    • Quoters
    • Etc.



Assisted Data Migration & Export



Right Networks


EFile Cabinet


FileCabinet CS



Windows, Right Networks, EFile, and FileCabinet CS Migration

Expert assistance to prep, upload, and organize your firm's data into SmartVault.


The client is responsible for extracting their data into a Windows file structure.

What's included?

    • Migration Consultation: Review your current data structure and discuss the next steps, timeline, and expectations.
    • Data Upload: Transfer your data using the upload tool.
    • Client Matching: Client exercise to designate the data transfer destination for all client vaults.
    • Assisted Migration Wizard Tool: This tool will enable us to upload the data, match data to
      client vaults (with client assistance) and disburse the data into the client vaults.
    • Data Verification: Run any 'clean up' needed.


DMS Migration

Expert assistance to transfer files from Intuit DMS into your SmartVault account                                


SmartVault to SmartVault 

Expert assistance to transfer client files from your current SmartVault account into your new SmartVault account



Authoritative Copy Migration

Securely transfer contracts and documents in compliance with the UCC 9-105 compliant data transfer standards and vaulting structure                              



Data Export

Migration of documents out of your SmartVault account to a Windows folder structure.

  • Export to a client’s server/machine.
  • Export to a backup drive and mail to the client.                             



Download the complete list with details and pricing

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