SmartVault Service Offerings - US

Explore our Onboarding, Training, and Data Migration service offerings for starting your SmartVault journey.

Send_from_smartvault_Icon (1).svg  Self-Service Onboarding

SmartVault Fundamentals Webinar

    • New to SmartVault? Sign up for our 60-minute Webinar focused on in-depth training for Admin Users!
    • What does it cover?
      • Learn how to set up and customize your SmartVault account
      • Best Practices for using SmartVault day to day
      • Q&A with a Customer Success Manager

SmartVault Academy

    • SmartVault Academy is a self-paced learning platform to help you get the most out of your SmartVault account.                        

Assisted onboarding+.svg  Assisted Onboarding

Transition to SmartVault in 30 days with a dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager.

What's included?

    • Up to 3 Onboarding Sessions for Admin users to review how to set up and use the SmartVault account to accomplish their goals and desired outcomes related to SmartVault.
    • Custom SmartVault Academy Course provided only for Assisted Onboarding
    • The Onboarding Manager will provide best practices for workflow, setup, and
      integrations (as needed)

It can include an assisted migration as needed.

Simple_easy_to_use_interface_Icon (3).svg   Assisted Data Migration

Expert assistance to prep, upload, and organize your firm's data into SmartVault.


The client is responsible for extracting their data into a Windows file structure.*
*Not applicable to Intuit DMS or SmartVault Migrations.

What's included?

    • Migration Consultation: Review your current data structure and discuss the next steps, timeline, and expectations.
    • Data Upload: Transfer your data using the upload tool.
    • Client Matching: Client exercise to designate the data transfer destination for all client vaults.
    • Assisted Migration Wizard Tool: This tool will enable us to upload the data, match data to
      client vaults (with client assistance), and disburse the data into the client vaults.
    • Data Verification: Run any 'clean up' needed

Common Migration Types:

    • Windows
    • eFileCabinet
    • FileCabinetCS
    • Intuit DMS
    • Authoritative Copy

Archive_automatically_Icon (1).svg   SmartVault Data Export

Migration of documents out of your SmartVault account to a Windows folder structure.

    • Export to a client's server/machine.
    • Export to a backup drive and mail to the client.

SV Group Training icon-02.svg  Additional Training Offerings

  • Team Training
    • Do you have multiple staff members? This Personalized training will teach your employees SmartVault essentials and your specific document management workflow within SmartVault.
  • SmartHours
    • For all current SmartVault customers
    • Need a refresher course but not full training? Connect with a Customer Success team member to scope client needs, pricing, and next steps.
    • Common Topics:
      • DocuSign
      • Docdown
      • Quoters
      • Etc.

Please click here to discuss service options and pricing.

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