Understanding Folder Templates

SmartVault creates a folder structure for your account called Folder Templates as you add clients, create engagements, and add and edit folders in your account. You can also change your folder template structure in your account settings. Pro plan users can also import a folder structure from SmartVault Drive, Lacerte, ProSeries, or AutoFiler.

Client Folder Structure

SmartVault creates client folder templates when you add clients to the SmartVault portal or invite clients to SmartVault. SmartVault creates client template folders when Accounting Pro users invite employees and tax clients to their accounts.

Engagement Folder Structure

SmartVault creates Engagement folder templates in your account based on the type of engagements you add:

  • Time-bound Engagements—These Folder Structures are replicated annually, quarterly, or monthly. Examples of time-bound engagements are Accounting Services, Financial Services, General Annual, Payroll, Sales Tax, Tax Engagement, and Wealth Management.
  • Non-time-bound Engagements— Project engagements are the only non-time-bound engagement. You can create project templates in any folder structure.

Transferring Documents to Folder Templates

You can change your folder template structure in your account settings or import a folder structure from programs you already use to SmartVault Template Folders.

Users with SmartVault Drive can use their computer’s File Explorer or Finder to organize their folders and documents, then transfer or map the folder structure to SmartVault Drive. Mapping your folder structure updates the folder structure in your account.

Accounting Pro plan users can import clients and documents to SmartVault or copy clients and documents to specific Folder Templates from Lacerte, ProSeries, or the SmartVault PDF Printer. These resources can help you get started:

Planning Your Folder Template Structure

Our best practices to build your folder templates will help you plan and organize a folder template structure that works for you. Your account representative is another resource to help you create an efficient Vault and folder structure. Feel free to contact them by email or by phone.

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