Getting Started with SmartRouting

With SmartVault SmartRouting, you can print documents directly from UltraTax and automatically route them to the correct client or folder location within SmartVault.

  Important Prerequisites and Availability

    • The first version of SmartRouting is exclusively available for Thomson Reuters® UltraTax users.
    • SmartRouting is accessible on SmartVault Accounting Pro, Business Pro, and Accounting Unlimited plans.
    • The feature is designed for users with access to a single SmartVault account.
    • If you use a server environment, please contact Customer Care for setup assistance.
    • If you operate within a virtualized environment, please contact your Virtual Environment Support for assistance locating and accessing the SmartRouting folder.

To get started:

Prepare your System for SmartRouting

Before diving into SmartRouting, set up your system correctly:

  1. Install the SmartVault Desktop Software. Ensure you have the latest version of SmartVault's Desktop software installed. 
  2. Import your Clients from UltraTax into SmartVault. Ensure that Client Names and Client IDs match exactly between the two programs.
  3. Configure UltraTax for SmartRouting

Start your Journey with SmartRouting

Enhance your tax document workflow with SmartRouting. Follow the interactive icons below for detailed instructions.

Archive_automatically_Icon (3).svg View

Enable and Use SmartRouting in SmartVault

Manage and View SmartRouting Outputs

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