Troubleshooting: SmartVault ScanSnap Profiles Creation Error

When setting up the SmartVault profiles for ScanSnap, you may get an error that typically reads:

SmartVault ScanSnap profiles could not be created successfully

This error can arise due to software conflicts, outdated versions, insufficient permissions, or a failure to install and integrate the ScanSnap software with SmartVault. This article provides solutions to help resolve this issue.

Fixing the Error

  1. Ensure Installation and Integration: Before attempting other fixes, verify that you have correctly installed the ScanSnap software and integrated it with SmartVault. This step is critical preliminary to use ScanSnap with SmartVault.
  2. Restart ScanSnap Manager:
    • Close the ScanSnap manager by right-clicking on the system tray icon and choosing Exit.
    • Open the ScanSnap Manager.
  3. Try Automatic Configuration:
    • Open the SmartVault Launchpad.
    • Attempt to automatically configure the ScanSnap profiles by clicking on Fujitsu ScanSnap Setup.
      SV - Launchpad Fujitsu ScanSnap Setup.png
  4. Manual Configuration: If the above steps don't resolve the error, you may need to configure the profiles manually.
  5. Check for Software Updates: Ensure you are running the latest versions of SmartVault and ScanSnap Manager. Outdated versions might have compatibility issues or bugs.
  6. Reinstall Software: If the problem persists, reinstall the ScanSnap software and SmartVault to ensure no corrupted files or installations.


After trying each solution, check to see if you can successfully create a SmartVault profile in ScanSnap without encountering the error.

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