Adding Clients Using the SmartVault Dashboard

If you have less than a dozen new clients to add at once, you can use the SmartVault Dashboard. After creating them, you can invite them to SmartVault. For more information, see Inviting Clients to Your SmartVault Account

However, if you have more than a dozen new clients to add at once, we recommend either creating them in Lacerte or ProSeries first and then importing using the SmartVault Data Import Tool or Import clients via a CSV File.  For more information, see the following articles:

Adding a Client Via the SmartVault Dashboard

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Clients.
  3. Click the Add client icon.
  4. In the Client type field, click the linked text underneath and select either Entity or Person, depending on the type of client you are adding. 
  5. In the Type qualifier field, click the linked text underneath the field. 
  6. Click the Add Type qualifier icon.
  7. Depending on whether you are creating a type qualifier for an entity or a person, click the + icon and enter the new type qualifier in the field that appears. 
  8. Click the + signs to enter information for a client's name, email, and phone number. 
  9. Enter other optional information in the other fields. 
    • Salutation override: Use this field to substitute a generic salutation for all your outgoing email templates on a client by client basis from SmartVault. By default, the client’s first name is usually used in the email greeting, e.g., “Dear John,”.
    • End of fiscal year: If you use our Accounting Engagement template embedded with the Accounting Monthly template, this selection allows you to define the order of months beginning with the month after the end of the fiscal year. For example, if the end of the fiscal year for a client is March, then the months generated by the system under the Accounting Services engagement will begin with 01-Apr, 02-May, 03-Jun,….12-Mar. If you leave it blank, the months will be labeled as 01 – Jan, 02- Feb, 03 – Mar…..12-Dec.
    • Tags: Do not use this field.
    • Preparer: This field can be used to assign a specific tax preparer for a client. This can then be used as a macro variable in the email templates where %Preparer% displays the user listed as the preparer on the client page.
    • company: Do not use this field.
    • Alias (advanced): This is an internal field that SmartVault support uses to troubleshoot client-related issues with integrated tax software.
  10. Click the Save changes icon to add the client to your client list.