Integrating SmartVault with QuickBooks

Upon activating your SmartVault account and installing the SmartVault desktop software, you can seamlessly integrate our toolbar into your QuickBooks company file.

The integration lets you securely store and manage your company files and documents.

Before You Begin

Before integrating QuickBooks with SmartVault, you must set up a vault and folders for your QuickBooks company files.

Sign in to your SmartVault account and create a vault for your QuickBooks documents. You can use the default vault and folder (My First Vault and My First Folder) or create separate vaults for each company file. Most SmartVault users prefer to create a separate vault for each QuickBooks company file to keep things organized.

Here are two suggested vault names that you can use:

  • QuickBooks Clients Vault
  • Bookkeeping Clients Vault

Connecting SmartVault to QuickBooks

  1. Sign in to SmartVault desktop software. 
  2. Choose your QuickBooks version:
    • Desktop - Attach documents to QuickBooks entries using the SmartVault toolbar.
    • Online - Attach and view source documents within QuickBooks Online
  3. Add your QuickBooks company file to the SmartVault vault when prompted.


    If you have multiple QuickBooks company files, repeat this process for each file.

Attaching Documents in QuickBooks

  • Use the SmartVault Inbox for scanning and file uploads.
  • Drag documents directly from QuickBooks or the Inbox folder.

For more detailed information on attaching documents, visit:

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