Explore the SmartVault Launchpad

The Launchpad provides a simple and efficient digital workspace to access and manage SmartVault tools and features. Here's an overview of the available tools and settings, each designed to improve your user experience and productivity.

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Tools for All SmartVault Plans

  • SmartVault Portal
    • Access the login screen directly.
    • Organize, share, and store documents online.
    • Manage your account, view activity logs, and recover files from the Recycle Bin.
    • Dive into a detailed glossary of SmartVault Portal terms for more insights.
  • SmartVault Inbox
    • Scan, upload, or download files swiftly, bypassing portal navigation.
    • Access this feature as all users but requires Launchpad login.
    • Utilize this, especially for uploading supporting documents linked to QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts transactions.
  • SmartVault Drive
    • Access SmartVault as a networked drive via Windows Explorer (unavailable to Guest users).
    • Open, save, or drag-and-drop files with ease.
  • Scanner Integration
    • Ensure seamless scanning with TWAIN drivers and proprietary software compatibility.
    • Benefit from SmartVault's created profiles for the two most popular proprietary software packages, Canon CaptureOnTouch and Fujitsu ScanSnap, enhancing the scanning process.
    • Scan and upload documents directly to SmartVault easily, thanks to the tailored scanner profiles.
  • Backup QuickBooks Data
    • Backup Reckon Accounts and QuickBooks files manually to SmartVault.
    • Schedule automatic backups by navigating through the Backups tab within SmartVault User Settings, offering hassle-free, automated data security.

Tools for Importing and Sharing Data

  • SmartVault Connected Desktop
    • Launch the desktop application for scanning, uploading, emailing, and sharing documents.
    • Search and edit client documents and manage engagements effectively.
  • Import Data
    • Import client contact info from diverse sources and consolidate it in SmartVault.

User Settings, Support Links, Optional Plugins

  • SmartVault User Settings
    • Customize your account preferences for the SmartVault Connected Desktop.
  • Get Outlook Plugin
    • Download the plugin for enhanced email management and integrated functionality.

Getting Started

Install SmartVault for Windows to access the SmartVault Launchpad. Each tool is designed for optimal user experience, enhancing productivity, and data management efficiency.

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