What You Should Know about Sharing in SmartVault

SmartVault's online document storage helps you protect your data to ensure compliance when securely sharing files with employees, clients, and guests. Before you get started, we suggest you review the best practices for building Vault and Folder structures for examples of how other customers have set up their accounts.

Group Members vs. Access and Notifications

With SmartVault, you can granularly separate access to resources in your account without fear of other users gaining access to documents you don't want them to see using the group members and access and notifications features.

Group Members

Using Group Members, you can share an entire Vault with:

  • employees who need to access and share folders and data in the vault
  • clients who need to access the entire vault


The Group Members feature gives users specific access to every folder and document in a vault without exception. We recommend using this if you allocate one vault per client.

Access and Notifications

Using Access and Notifications, you can share specific files and folders:

  • with external users, like guests or clients
  • to give different levels of permissions to different folders. For example, you can allow your clients to upload documents to a specific folder (e.g., Send to My CPA) and limit access to view, download, and print documents in other folders (e.g., Tax Returns)


This method is not for use with Accounting Pro plan users. As an Accounting Pro plan user, you create and provide access to vaults by inviting your employees and tax clients. You can find Additional Resources for help setting up your account as a tax professional.

Additional Resources

Creating Vaults and Folders:

Granting Access to Vaults and Folders:

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