A Quick Look: SmartVault for QuickBooks Document Management


We have created this video, which describes the process of using QuickBooks with SmartVault.

Overview of Using QuickBooks with SmartVault

Below is an overview of the process of using QuickBooks with SmartVault:

  1. Install the SmartVault Desktop Software: A single download gives you access to all our Power Tools, including the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks, the SmartVault Drive, and the SmartVault Inbox.
  2. Add QuickBooks Company Files to SmartVault: Connect your SmartVault account to QuickBooks. 
  3. Attach Documents to QuickBooks Entries: Scan and attach files directly to any transaction. 
  4. Map a Drive: Use SmartVault just like any other drive on your PC or Mac. You can even drag and drop files in!
  5. Scan to the SmartVault Inbox Using a TWAIN or a Scansnap Scanner: queue documents for later processing or scan straight to your bookkeeper. 
  6. Access Documents from a Mobile Device: Access your attached documents from a mobile device with our apps for iPad and iPhone.
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