A Quick Look: SmartVault for QuickBooks Document Management

Below is an overview of the process of using QuickBooks with SmartVault:

  1. Install the SmartVault Desktop Software: A single download gives you access to all our Power Tools, including the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks, the SmartVault Drive, and the SmartVault Inbox.
  2. Add QuickBooks Company Files to SmartVault: Connect your SmartVault account to QuickBooks. 
  3. Attach Documents to QuickBooks Entries: Scan and attach files directly to any transaction. 
  4. Map a Drive: Use SmartVault like any other drive on your PC or Mac. You can even drag and drop files in!
  5. Scan to the SmartVault Inbox Using a TWAIN or a Scansnap Scanner: queue documents for later processing or scan straight to your bookkeeper. 
  6. Access Documents from a Mobile Device: Access your attached documents from a mobile device with our apps for iPad and iPhone.
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