Maximizing SmartVault on Your Mac

Access SmartVault on Mac Without Parallels: Your Direct Options

For Mac users looking for seamless integration without additional software like Parallels, SmartVault offers versatile options to ensure efficient file management and sharing:

  • SmartVault Drive: Directly access and manage your SmartVault files from your computer, streamlining the process of moving files between your desktop and SmartVault. This feature is fully functional on Macs, facilitating straightforward file operations without needing Windows emulation software.
  • SmartVault Portal: Easily upload, access, and share files through the SmartVault Portal. Whether using drag and drop or traditional upload methods, managing your documents from your Mac is as simple as logging into the portal through your preferred web browser.


These solutions are designed for Mac users, ensuring full compatibility and a user-friendly experience for accessing and managing your files on SmartVault without additional software.

 Compatibility Note: SmartVault Toolbar and Inbox on Macs

The SmartVault Desktop Software, including the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks and the SmartVault Inbox, is not natively compatible with Mac OS. To utilize these features on a Mac, you must run Parallels or similar Windows emulation software. For alternatives fully compatible with Mac, consider using the SmartVault Drive and Portal. 

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