Requesting Documents with Request Docs

You can send your clients requests for documents, such as tax returns and bank statements. Your clients will submit their documents from their SmartVault guest accounts.


    • Before requesting documents from your clients, grant them read access to your Client Template folders.
    • Only clients with an email address can receive document requests.
    • When sending a document request, the guest user(s) will be invited to access your account.
    • Requesting documents from your employees is not supported.

Sending a Document Request

To request a document:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Request Docs in the navigation bar.


  3. If this is your first time using Request Docs or you haven’t created any requests, an onboarding tutorial appears to help you get started.


  4. After finishing the onboarding tour, click Request Docs and use one of the default templates or click View Templates to create your own (recommended). If you decide to use one of the default templates, go to Step 8.


    If you are an Account Employee or an Assigned Employee, you can use an existing template or ask your administrator to create a new one for you.


  5. On the Request Templates page, you’ll see a list of the available default templates. Click the template to edit it or Actions actions_button.png to make a copy or delete it.


  6. Customize the template as needed and click Save changes.


  7. Click Home SV_home_button.png, then Request Docs in the left navigation bar.
  8. Click Request Docs at the top of the page to start a new request.


  9. In the Client box, enter your client’s name then click on their name to add them to the client list. Continue entering your clients' names and adding them to the client list to send your request to multiple clients.
  10. Choose the Request Template you’d like to use.
    • Choose an Engagement type and year if you’re requesting a time-bound engagement, like Tax or Accounting services.
    • If you select a project engagement, choose a Project Template and enter a Name for the project.


  11. Review the requested files in the Files Request List section.
  12. Enter a Note for your client explaining why you are sending this request.
  13. Click Send Request.
  14. Click Submit. Your client(s) will receive an email notification to respond to your request.
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