Getting to know the Docdown Platform

Docdown brings an easy-to-use platform to help you auto-generate and eSign documents like invoices, tax forms, contracts, lease agreements, legal forms, and many more types of documents.


The Dashboard is the area you see when you log in to your Docdown account for the first time. It offers a quick view of the document workflow steps.


Documents is the place to create, upload and manage your documents.

To access Documents, click Documents from the navigation sidebar.
DD - Documents.png

Within Documents, you can:


The Workflows page lets you view and manage the automation of your documents and forms.

In Docdown, a workflow is a sequence of steps called actions where the starting document is the trigger for it. The workflow actions include emails, slack notifications, webhooks, and the upload of completed forms to SmartVault.

To access Workflows, click Workflows from the navigation sidebar.



The History page offers an organized view of all the generated documents for easy access. Within this page, you can download, view the status, send reminder emails, or revoke access to the forms sent out.

To access History, click History from the navigation sidebar.


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