Actions and Properties

Actions and Properties help you organize and manage your containers, vaults, folders, and files in View Files and Folders.


Click Actions next to an item to open a menu of options for a container, vault, or document.

Image of view files and folders page with Actions button highlighted. See information above.


To create a copy of a vault, folder, or document in another location:

  1. Click Actions next to the vault, folder, or document and select Copy.
  2. In Manage Files, select a new container, vault, or folder to store a copy of the item.
  3. Click Save changes.


To remove a container, vault, folder, or document:

  1. Click Actions next to the item and select Delete.
  2. When prompted, click Delete to confirm.
  3. The file is moved to the Recycle Bin and will be permanently deleted after 90 days.


To save a copy of a document to your device:

  1. Click Actions next to the document and select Download.
  2. A copy of the file is downloaded to your device.


To move a folder or file to another location:

  1. Click Actions next to the folder or document and select Move.
  2. In Manage Files, select a new container, vault, or folder where you want the file to be stored.
  3. Click Save changes.


To change the name of an item in View Files and Folders:

  1. Click Actions next to the item and select Rename.
  2. Enter the new name then press Enter to save your changes.


Select Properties in the Actions menu to manage links, access, and notification settings. You can also use the Properties action to check the activity log, look at a version history, and view more information about an item.

Image of properties window with tabs highlighted. See information below.

Access and Notifications

The Access and Notifications tab shows a list of users, clients, and guests with access to a vault or folder. You can also see the status of the users' accounts and licenses, permissions they’ve been granted, and the notifications they select.

Activity Log

The activity log tab lets you review and export user activity in a vault or folder. It shows uploads, downloads, deletions, access setting changes, and document property changes.

Get Link

The Get Link tab displays a share link you can copy and paste into a chat, document, or email.
Users must have access to the item to use the link. Go to the Access and Notifications tab to see who already has access to the item and add users.

Manage Group Members

SmartVault Administrators can manage group members to give users Vault Manager, Vault Full Access, or Vault Read Only access.

My Notification Settings

The My Notification Settings tab lets you select when SmartVault emails you about uploads, views, and downloads for a vault or folder.

Recycle Bin

Every vault and folder has a recycle bin that allows you to retrieve a deleted file within 90 days.

Redistribute Clients

As you create new containers, you may need to redistribute your clients according to the container names. This feature is only available for Accountants' plans or plans with Intuit Tax.

Send Link

Send link tab shows a list of users with access to a container, vault, folder, or document. Select users to send an email with a link to the item and a message (optional). Go to the Access and Notifications tab to add users.

View Properties

View Properties tab shows you additional information about a document, such as the owner, creation date, last modified date, size, and folder path. You can also change the document name and description.

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