SmartVault and Intuit ProSeries Integration Workflow


SmartVault integrates directly with Intuit's ProSeries tax application and appears as a print destination.

The integration provides the following:

  • Printing tax returns, organizers, and other supported forms from Intuit ProSeries directly to the respective client folders.
  • Creating clients if one does not exist when printing to SmartVault.
  • Creating Client Engagements if the particular year's engagement does not exist, i.e., TY19, TY20, etc.

How it Works 


  1. Grant SmartVault access to Intuit ProSeries.
    • SmartVault appears as a print destination.
  1. Import clients from Intuit ProSeries into SmartVault.
  2. Invite clients to access your SmartVault account to view/download tax returns or upload their source documents.
  3. Each client will have an individual vault in SmatVault. They can only view and access folders within their vault.
    • SmartVault sets the folder permissions to the recommended levels based on the default template through the invitation process. If you would like, you can customize folder permissions in the SmartVault Template Manager for each of your clients.
  4. Remove a client's access to SmartVault at any time.
Send Organizer (Document Intake)
  1. Collect client source documents needed for tax preparation. 
    • Print your client's tax organizer directly from Intuit ProSeries into the client organizer folder in SmartVault.
    • Send a notification to your clients with a secure link to their organizer from the Send Organizer dashboard. You can choose one client or 100 clients.
    • View which clients have downloaded their organizers.
    • Send reminders to those clients who have not viewed/downloaded their organizers.
    • Get notifications from clients when they upload their Source Documents and their tax organizer.
    • In SmartVault, mark the organizer as "Ready to Prepare."
  1. Accountant/Tax Preparer prepares the client's tax return using Intuit's ProSeries tax application.
Review and Send Tax Return to Client
  1. The client's tax return is ready for review.
    • SmartVault's Send Tax Return workflow makes it easy to see which of your clients' tax returns have been printed into SmartVault and which clients have been sent the Tax Return email.
    • SmartVault checks that the government and client copies are properly tagged through Intuit ProSeries integration or through the auto-filer, which prevents clients from receiving links to files that do not exist in SmartVault. 
  2. Send Income Tax Email to the client for review.
Get Signature (DocuSign Integration)
  1. In SmartVault, select the tax return document and hit "Get Signature."  
  2. The client receives an email from DocuSign requesting its signature for filing. 
  3. After the client completes and signs the document, the tax preparer receives an email from DocuSign and SmartVault confirming the form has been signed and returned to the SmartVault account.
  1. Accountant/Tax Preparer electronically files the client's tax return using Intuit's ProSeries tax application.
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