SmartVault Request Docs FAQs

What is Request Docs?
Request Docs is a new tool in the SmartVault portal to ask your clients for documents they can upload using their guest accounts.
Is Request Docs available for all SmartVault plans?
No. Request Docs is only available for SmartVault Structured Accounting plans.
How do I upgrade my plan to get Request Docs?

Learn how to upgrade your plan or contact our Support Team to assist.

How do I request documents from my clients and guests?
You can send your clients requests for documents through the SmartVault Portal. SmartVault provides built-in templates to help you get started, or you can customize them to your needs. Your clients will submit their documents from their SmartVault guest accounts.
How will my clients and guests receive the Request Docs form?
Your clients are Request Docs guest users. They'll receive an email with a link to upload the requested documents to their guest accounts. They’ll also see a notification when they open their SmartVault portal.
Can all my firm employees use Request Docs?
Yes. All firm employees can use Request Docs. SmartVault Administrators in your firm can build and manage Request Docs templates.
How do I know when my guest users and clients have uploaded the requested documents?
You’ll receive a notification email when all the requested documents are uploaded. In the SmartVault portal, the status of the request will change to Completed.
Can I send reminders to my guest users and clients who don't complete the Request Docs form?
Yes. You can send email reminders to your clients in Request docs with the click of a button.
Can I see the status of the Request Docs form?
Yes. Request Docs shows all users the status updates on document requests.
Can I send Request Docs to my clients in bulk?
Yes. You can add multiple clients when you fill out a Request Docs form to send your request to all of them at the same time.
When my clients upload documents, where are they located?
All documents uploaded using Request Docs are placed in a specific folder inside the Engagement folder.
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