Using SmartVault as a Guest User

SmartVault guests are individuals whose account owner or administrator has granted access to a SmartVault account. Guest users have their own login and vault.

As a guest user, you can safely view shared folders, upload, preview, download files, and search for specific documents via the Guest Portal.

Getting Started with SmartVault

To use SmartVault as a guest user, an account administrator must send you an invitation. Once you've received this, you can activate your account and use SmartVault.

To get started:

Start your Journey with SmartVault

As you begin your journey, you will find various options to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration with your account administrator.

To perform essential tasks, click the interactive icons below for detailed instructions.

Upload Download View Respond

Upload Files

Download Files

View and Manage  your Files

Respond to   Document Requests

  Additional Resources

You can access these essential resources to enhance your SmartVault experience and get all the support you need:

    • Want to ensure your data stays safe? Review the SmartVault Security Essentials for an overview of data and account security basics.
    • Need Assistance or Have Questions? Your experience matters to us. Get quick answers to your issues, queries, and how-tos in our [FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide], and get back to your tasks seamlessly.
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