Managing Your Files and Folders

When you go to View Files and Folders in the SmartVault portal navigation menu, you can manage your containers, vaults, and folders. Containers store vaults and folders containing your client and employee downloads, uploads, and correspondence. You can also use them to store your public and internal documents and other documents.

Use the Search, Sort, Move, and Copy tools to find and organize all your vaults and documents. Organize, print, and download files inside folders or in preview mode. From the Files and Folders page, you can also:


Finding and Organizing Your Documents

There are three default containers in View Files and Folders:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Firm

The Clients and Employees containers store your client and employee downloads, uploads, correspondence, and other documents. The Firm container stores your organization’s public and internal documents. More information is displayed in columns on each page, such as the file Name and last modified date.

You can also add your own vaults and containers. The container and vault structure is customizable so you can set up a vault and folder structure that works best for you and your organization. Your SmartVault account representative is ready to help you create an efficient Vault and folder structure —call or email them for help.

View files and folders page in the smartvault portal. See information above

Details Pane

The Details pane shows your account name and details about your vault, including the Name, when the vault was created, and the last time it was modified. You can choose the maximum Rows per Page you want to view (10, 20, 30, 50, or 100) at the bottom of the folder list. You can also create shortcuts to vaults and folders you use often.

Image of the details pane. See information above.


Documents are searchable by title and content keywords. Use the search bar to find a specific file or document within a container, vault, or folder.

Image with search bar highlighted under the account name. See information above.


The View Files and Folders page displays containers, vaults, and documents in alphanumeric order by default. Click the column headers to sort by Name or Last Modified in ascending or descending order. When sorting by name, the documents inside those folders are also sorted by name.

Image with columns highligted to use the sort feature. See information above


You can create a copy of any vault, folder, or document. They will stay in their original location and you can place the copy in another folder or vault.

To create a copy of a vault, folder, or document:

  1. Select the document you want to copy and click Actions
  2. Select Copy from the Actions menu.
  3. In Manage Files, select the folder you want to place the copy in and click Save changes.

View files and folders page with document and actions menu higlighted. See information above


To change the name of vaults, containers, and folders in View Files and Folders:

  1. Go to the vault, container, or folder you want to rename, then click Actions , and select Rename.
  2. The file name is auto-highlighted, enter the new name, and press Enter to finish renaming the item.

FF - Rename file name.png

Previewing Documents

You can view your files without saving them on your computer, and download, print, and copy documents from the preview page. The Details pane shows you more information about the file, such as the file location and who has access to the document.

Customize Your Preview

  • Enter a page number to see a specific page or click the arrows to the next or previous page at the bottom of the preview.
  • Click Thumbnails to see the document pages' miniature previews and jump to a selected page.
  • Zoom in and out your page preview by using the - and + buttons or select a zoom level of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.  

Thumbnails, previous/next page, and zoom at the bottom of the preview screen. See information above

Download, Print, and Copy Documents from the Preview Page

  1. Click Download to save the file to your device.
  2. Click Actions and select Open or Print PDF to open the file on your PDF reader or to print it.
  3. Click Actions and select Copy to store a copy of the file in a different place.


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