Understanding the Client Management View

In SmartVault Portal, you can use the Client Management view to see details about your clients and manage their information in a consolidated view.

From this view, you can:

Accessing the Client Management View

To access the Client Management view,

  1. Select Client Management in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on any client's name to open the Client Details page.


  3. Click on the Vault icon to view the client's files or folders.


Using the Client Status Filter tabs

The client status filter tabs are located at the top of the page. You can use them to filter your list of clients by status. And for each status, you can also see the number of clients in each status group.
Below is the list of available status groups:


  • TOTAL (default). Lists all your clients regardless of their status.
  • ACTIVATED. Lists the clients who have activated their SmartVault account.
  • INVITED. Lists the clients invited to your SmartVault account.
  • NOT INVITED. Lists the clients that have not been invited to your SmartVault account.
  • MISSING EMAIL. Lists the clients who are missing an email address.


Client status filter tabs are not visible to Assigned Employees.

Searching for Clients

Using the Search feature, you can find a client to view client details. Start typing the client's first, last, or company name in the search field, and the suggestions appear as you type.


Using Filters

With filters, you filter your client list by Client Type or view just the clients assigned to you.

If you want to filter your client list:

  • Click the Filters button, and select the Client Type from the drop-down menu.
  • You can toggle My Clients only to see only the clients assigned to you.

When a filter is applied, a numerical indicator displays in the Filters button.



All Clients Actions

You can use the All Clients Actions to perform actions to your entire client list at once.

Click Actions Actions_icon.png next to the Add Client button and select the action you want to perform on all your clients.



Export to CSV

Use the Export to CSV action to export your client list to a CSV file. After your request completes, you will receive an email with a link to download the exported file. The CSV file is also saved to the System Reports vault in the Firm container of your account so you can access it at any time.

Note, click the x to close the following alert message.


Client Details

The Client Details page allows you to view, edit the client's information, and perform additional actions.
The top section displays the client's basic information and action buttons to view the vault, invite the client, and edit the client. The bottom section features tabs to manage Contacts, Engagements, Projects, Send Tax Returns, Send Organizers, Send Financials, and Assigned Employees. 


Action Buttons

mceclip0.png - Click this button to open the client's vault. This action will navigate you to View Files and Folders.

mceclip1.png - Click this button to invite the client to your SmartVault account.

mceclip2.png - Click this button to edit the client's information. This action will open the Edit Client page.


Make the necessary changes and click Save Client to apply the changes.



This tab lists all the client contacts information.


Click Edit Contacts to manage the client contacts information (add/edit/remove).


This tab displays all the client engagements. 


Click the folder icon mceclip3.png for the engagement to open it in View Files and Folders.

Click on the Export Engagements button to export the engagements to a CSV file.


This tab displays all projects for the client.


Click the folder icon mceclip3.png for the project to open it in View Files and Folders.

Click on the Export Projects button to export the projects to a CSV file.

Send Tax Returns

This tab allows you to view and manage the client's tax engagements.


Click mceclip4.pngto export the client engagements list to a CSV file.

Select the engagement from the list and click the Send Income Tax Email button to send the income tax email to the client. You will be prompted to confirm sending the income tax email. Click Ok to proceed.


Send Organizer

This tab allows you to view and manage the client organizers.


Select an Organizer and click:

    • mceclip2.png to send a reminder
    • mceclip0.png to mark the Organizer ready to prepare
    • mceclip1.png to mark the Organizer not ready to prepare

Click mceclip4.pngto export the client organizers list to a CSV file.

To send an organizer to the client, select it from the list and click Send Organizer Email. You will be prompted to confirm sending the organizer email. Click Ok to proceed.

Send Financials

The Send Financials tab gives you the ability to see at a glance:

  • Customers who have been sent a statement for the particular month
  • Customers who have downloaded and viewed the statement
  • And the ability to send the financials email or a reminder to those who haven't yet downloaded


Click mceclip4.pngto export the financial statements to a CSV file.

To send financial statements to the client, select them from the list and click Send Financials Email. 

Assigned Employees

This tab allows you to view and manage the employees assigned to the client.


You can change the Role for any assigned employee by clicking on it and selecting a new role from the drop-down menu or remove an assigned employee by clicking on mceclip5.png for the employee.

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